Midtown Honda's Upgrade Program


Is it time for a new Honda?

If the answer is YES...take advantage of the Midtown Honda Upgrade Program.

Midtown Honda has an immediate need for pre-owed Hondas that are in good condition. We will evaluate your Honda and offer you above the Fair Market Value for those vehicles qualifying for our Upgrade Program.

If your Honda qualifies you will be eligible to get out of your current Honda and move up to a newer one for around the same payment or less. Plus, you get all benefits that come with driving a newer vehicle which may include:

  • Full Factory Warranty
  • Better Fuel Economy resulting in Lower Fuel Costs
  • New Body Styles
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Increased Safety and Security Features
  • Latest Technology
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • Better Financing Terms
  • Low to Zero KMs

Is your Honda eligible?

Contact us today at 844.VEP.4.HONDA or use the form below and ask for a no-obligation consultation!


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