Market Value Pricing



All of Midtown Honda's Used Cars are Market Value Priced!

Searching the internet for the best deals? Confused by used car prices?

Used car prices have long been a mystery to most buyers. A confusing array of widely differing prices for the same model made it hard to find the best deal for you. But not anymore! You'll be pleased to know that Midtown Honda has solved that problem!

Midtown Honda has the answer!

At Midtown Honda, all of our Used Vehicles are priced using Market Value Pricing, so you can be sure that you’re always getting a great value for any car. Our Live Market Price is calculated using an intelligent computer program that automatically scours the entire online market of currently available cars multiple times a day, searching for every vehicle that is for sale, or has recently sold. If it's online, or even was online, we know about it. It the price has changed, we know that too!

How it works.

This program compares each of our cars to other vehicles on the market, based on the Make, Model, Model Year, Trim Level, Transmission, Mileage and more. Using all of that information, it compares those vehicles and their prices, to find the fair market price for our car. Then we set our Market Value Price to beat the competition!

What this means for you.

Our Market Value Pricing gives you the secure knowledge that you are getting our best deal available. We have such confidence in our pricing that we have adopted full transparency for our customers. We will even show you the market information we have as dealers, giving you real live proof of how competitive we are with our used car deals. With cars fully prepared, detailed and certified, making the right decision was never easier.

Now you're ready to search our Used Car Inventory!