Self Check-In

The Midtown Honda Self Check-In procedure is quite easy and simple to use. The self-check-in app is available for both Android and iOS and you can use it on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

When in an emergency, use Self Check-In!

What exactly are the benefits of using the Midtown Honda Check-In service, you may ask. Well, there are more advantages than you can expect! In a hurry and your car broke down in the middle of nowhere? Worry not, just take your phone out and self-check-in at the nearest Rafih Auto Group dealership in seconds!

We know how wonderful it is to cruise around in your vehicle and just enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, unexpected troubles happen and often you can’t really do much to avoid them, such as an unexpected issue with your steering wheel, or tires. That’s when the Midtown Honda Self Check-In service comes in handy! You can use it to locate the nearest dealership and contact them for towing your car.

How Midtown Honda's Self Check-In Service Works?

To self-check-in, your vehicle using this service is quite simple. All you need to do is to go to the app on your smartphone, select the date when you want to schedule the service, and confirm it. It’s all done!

Self-Check In Your Vehicle and Relax!

Don’t want to wait in line to get your car fixed? Just self-check-in your vehicle, go home, and relax! The app will notify you once your car is all good to go.

Do you prefer to rather stay till your beloved car is all fixed up? No problem! Just self-check-in before you arrive at the dealership and a certified advisor will be there to take care of your vehicle at the earliest. In the meanwhile, you can just chill and have some coffee!

Pick-Up Your Vehicle Any Time With Self Check-In

No need to rush to pick your vehicle! Once it is serviced, you can schedule any pickup time as per your convenience, so that the technician will be ready with it before your arrival. How to know that the vehicle is all good to go? The customer can put a request for an advisor to contact them once the vehicle service and/or maintenance is done via either a phone call or a text message.

With the Self Check-In, taking care of your beloved vehicle has become easier and more convenient than ever before!