Parts & Service Overview


Treat your car with the best at Midtown Honda

At Midtown Honda, we're always customer-driven. For years, we've been building a long-time customer base that is loyal and thoroughly satisfied. We are committed to making your car's service experience the best you ever had. Whether it is tire rotation, an oil change, or any other vehicle service, with Midtown Honda, you can be assured that your beloved car is checked thoroughly for any new product updates or any worn components, and is fixed right the very first time you visit us. Avoid the unnecessary hassle and unreliable services at unknown garages. Bring your car to Midtown Honda for the most genuine service by certified experts and technicians.

Midtown Honda is a proud member of the Rafih Auto Group that has some of the best inventories of new and used cars and service facilities across Canada and the USA.

Parts and Service Videos

Watch these videos to know how at Midtown Honda we take care of your car with all the parts and services it needs such as changing and rotating tires, alignment of wheels, regular check-up of the engine, changing oil at the right interval, detailing the vehicle, and more:

Tires & Wheels: When you bring your vehicle to us, our expert technicians examine it carefully and make sure to equip it with only the best-optimized tires and wheels.

Car Engine: The car's engine ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly and performs best. The health of the engine determines the overall performance of your car. Hence, it is important to get it regularly checked to ensure that the engine is running without any issues.

Oil Change: The engine oil works as a lubricant to protect the moving internal parts of the car's engine against wearing and friction. That's why it is important to get the engine oil and other car fluids changed at regular intervals to make sure that your vehicle's engine continues running smoothly and performs its best.

Vehicle Detailing: Detailing your vehicle at regular intervals adds years of life to your vehicle. It ensures that your vehicle looks as good as new for longer. Also, it makes your car cleaner and more comfortable.

Midtown Honda Service Facilities: At Midtown Honda, we have several amenities available for you to make your vehicle servicing easy, comfortable, and relaxing, such as shuttle service, valet service, complimentary car wash, and many more.

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Midtown Honda Service Facilities

With a highly experienced team of technicians, the Midtown Honda service department is committed to giving you excellent service. We have a lot of amenities available for you to make your vehicle servicing an easy, comfortable, and relaxing experience.

We offer a wide variety of services for the convenience of our clients. Such as shuttle service, pickup and drop-off, and rental vehicles. We cater to our client's comfort by providing a waiting lounge where our clients can relax while their beloved vehicle is taken care of.

Why Tire and Wheel Size Matters

Having the right size tires and rims for your vehicle is important for not only smoothness in driving, but also the health of the vehicle. Having the right tire size will make certain that your brakes don’t have too much extra work.

For example with spare tires, you need to make certain it’s the same size as the other tires. If it’s a little smaller, put it on the non-primary working tires. If your vehicle is a front-wheel drive, place the spare on the rear wheels.

How to Improve Your Car Engine Performance

What is it that keeps your vehicle running well? The engine, of course! You can take all the routine precautions but your vehicle's engine still needs to be in the best condition for a smooth driving experience.

So, why it is crucial to keep a regular check on the car's engine? Basically, an engine in good health means that your other systems will also work well. But how can you make your engine work even better? There are five ways you can help your engine.


Oil Change in Midtown Honda

Changing the oil of your vehicle at regular intervals is crucial to ensure that your car's moving components perform best without any wearing for longer. Depending on the year and the model, the certified technicians at Midtown Honda recommend an oil change every 4 months or 8,000 kilometers and under very specific circumstances, up to 12 months or 16,000 kilometers.

While it may seem to change oil by yourself quite easy and less expensive, modern cars tend to make oil changes complicated. Also, disposing of the used oil and cleaning it up can be quite tiresome. Hence, it is always a better idea to get it done by one of the expert technicians at the dealership.

Vehicle detailing - Add More Age to Your Beloved Car

Detailing your vehicle at regular intervals is a surefire way to add years to the life of your beloved car. When you visit the dealership for the vehicle detailing, it also gives the certified technician a chance to do a quick survey to make sure there's a no bigger problem. Knowing if something could cause a problem is the first step in prevention. Detailing makes sure your car runs cleaner, makes it run better, and ultimately, makes you happier.