What is Maintenance Minder Sub Symbol 3

What is Honda Maintenance Minder 3 ?

The important of Maintenance Minder specifically sub symbol 3

What this maintenance minder 3 entails is replacing the transmission fluid and transfer case fluid if applicable for your vehicle.

Many times, it’s often recommended that you change the fluid in your car every 30,000 to 60,000 miles but with the Maintenance Minder Sub Symbol 3 this will help in knowing the right time to replace your transmission fluids.

Modern transmissions vary in many ways some transmissions have gears and clutches that are constantly being used when driving your car and some use a steel belt.
The fluid in your transmission serves as a lubricant and for all the moving parts in your transmission. Over time this fluid degrades and brakes down and if not changed can lead to premature transmission failure.

It is vital that this fluid is replaced when the sub symbol 3 shows up.

At Midtown Honda, we deliver excellence in our service and customer satisfaction ensuring that your transmission fluids have been replaced to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

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