Why Cabin Air Filters Need Regular Replacement?

Just like how humans need to breathe to stay alive and function. It is crucial that the air filter of your vehicle is in good condition because it could lead to multiple function problems when not maintained.

The cabin filter in most of the vehicles is located behind the glove compartment, under the hood or the dashboard. If it seem to you that the throw of the blowers is not enough then it is better if you replace your cabin air filters, when they get dirty or covered in dust and pollutants then the performance of the Air Conditions and the blower reduces, lowering the quality of the air.

A cabin air filter is what filters the air that come inside the car and it prevents any dust or other pollutants from entering like pollen, smoke, mold spores which not just pollute the air but can cause damage to the components of your vehicles.

It will be a mess if you wake up one day and see the dashboard of your vehicle covered mold.

Can a dirty cabin filter affect AC?

A dirty cabin air filter can make it harder for the Air Conditioner of your car to work and the load on the motor increases by a ton so there is a risk of getting the motor fried. If you want to prevent such losses and save your money, then it is better to spend some on a new cabin air filter.

The cabin air filter is a bit difficult to change but it is worth it, it is more important than it is thought to be because it saves you from the pollutants that may affect you while you drive.

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