Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

At Midtown Honda we love our customers! We want to make sure you keep your Honda vehicle in excellent condition. We’ll share some tips to help your vehicle lasts as long as possible.

Here are a few tips to make sure your Honda is in perfect optimal condition.

  • Follow your maintenance schedule regularly
  • Perform oil changes
  • Check your tire pressures
  • Top up your washer fluid In 2006 Honda introduced a maintenance minder system which allows the customer worry-free and guess free driving.

Check your oil regularly through a dipstick to see how full your oil level is and it will go up to the second mark on your dipstick. Ensure the oil is on a level surface and the vehicle is at operating temperature.

It is important to follow your maintenance minder schedule.

  • A – Service (Oil Change)
  • B – Service (Brake Service)

Introduction to Maintenance Minder System by Honda
With the maintenance minder system when it reaches 15% it will give you a letter that will tell you if you need to come in for a service.
You don’t have to get your vehicle serviced immediately but it will give you a warning that you must come in to get your vehicle serviced.

When you come in, speak with one of our service advisors and tell him the letter so they can tell you what service you need. We would love it if you come to visit us at Midtown Honda where we can help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

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