Midtown Honda Staff Qualified for Honda Canada’s Council of Sales

Congratulations to the Midtown Honda team members who have qualified for the Honda Canada Council of Sales.

The Honda Canada Council of Sales award is given by Honda to achieve exemplary customer satisfaction, outstanding sales performance, and exceptional knowledge of Honda products. We could not have achieved such a fantastic year without the hard work of our entire sales team and, of course, our dedicated Sales team at Midtown Honda. Thank you to all our customers who have shown us loyalty.

Four different tiers make up the Honda Council of Sales Leadership Awards, a Sales Leader, Sales Master, Senior Sales Master, and A Grandmaster.

Midtown Honda’s Canada’s Council of Sales starts with NikooRahnama Nik and Mike Makris, our Sales Leaders, Valeri Semenov, Joseph Kim, Sami Ibodulloas our Sales Masters, and Danny Meaccias our Grandmaster.

Because of the high standards of these Council of Sales Leadership winners, the hard work of our entire Sales team, and of course, the dedicated Service and Parts team here at Midtown Honda: we were recently awarded Best Price Dealer on Auto Trader.

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