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  • Why Should I Service my Honda?

    Servicing your Honda according to the manufacturer’s recommendation is the best way to ensure trouble free motoring. Sure, that’s an easy statement to make, but it is a true one. At the end of the day your Honda is a machine, just like your furnace or your lawnmower. All of these machines are designed to give you years of ... Read More

  • Filling Tires With Nitrogen: Dry, Compressed Air Offers Better Value

    Just search the internet, and you’ll find plenty of info on filling tires with nitrogen. But when it comes to filling automobile tires, we recommend only one thing: dry, compressed air. Filling tires with nitrogen really isn’t anything new; it’s been around a long time. It’s commonly used in commercial and government ... Read More

  • Automotive ABCs

    It used to be that PS, AT, PW and A/C where the only automotive abbreviations that you had to be concerned with. Today you’ve got DRL, FCW, SRS, ABS, LDW, VSA, and ... Read More