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  • Do I need Snow Tires?

    “Do I need snow tires?” I get asked this question almost every day, once that morning chill greets you as you head out in the morning. So if you’d like to avoid reading this blog, the simple answer to the question of “Do I need snow tires?” is YES. But if you’d like to know why you need them on your ... Read More

  • Putting the Baby to Bed

    Every year around the 1st of November, I perform a ritual that I really don’t look forward to. It marks the end of another season of summer driving and the beginning of hibernation for my S2000. I’m talking about storing my Honda for the winter. Storing your Honda for the winter, or for any other extended period of time ... Read More

  • Buying a Pre-Owned Honda - How to Avoid Buyers Remorse

    Too often used cars get a bad rap. There are many great used cars out there for sale. How you end up feeling about your new used car will likely depend on your buying experience. So to make the best of your car buying experience, consider the following tips when buying a used car. Ask a lot of questions You can't ask ... Read More